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10 Gemstone Fun Facts!

Gemstones are fascinating creations.  They are (usually) naturally occurring and are beautiful works of art in nature.  Here are 10 gemstone fun facts:
  1. Garnet was named after the seeds of a pomegranate.
  2. Amber is the softest gemstone; diamond is the hardest.
  3. The largest diamond found in the United States, to date, is known as the Uncle Sam Diamond.
  4. It takes anywhere from one to three years to grow a cultured pearl.
  5. The Queen of England's jewelry collection is worth an estimated $57 million dollars.
  6. In the Middle Ages, women would wear Opals to protect the color of their blonde hair.
  7. Peridot was Cleopatra's favorite gemstone.sapphire
  8. After millions upon millions of years, it is assumed that the Sun will become one large diamond-star!
  9. The Heart of the Ocean, from James Cameron's "Titanic" was not completely fictitious - it is believed that a rather large sapphire went down with Titanic on that fateful night.
  10. One of the largest sapphires is known as the Star of Asia, which is currently housed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.
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